At Ashbrittle Farm, we produce pasture raised eggs from small flocks of laying hens that are free to roam, scratch and forage.

Every week we move their mobile houses onto fresh pasture, which is farmed using organic, regenerative methods.

The Farm

Situated in the majestic Huon Valley in southern Tasmania we farm on approximately 15 acres. Watched over by Sleeping Beauty (also known as the peaks of Trestle Mountain and Collins Bonnet) we are proud stewards of this land, and aim to not just farm sustainably, but to actually regenerate what we have.

There are many ideas, too many, but the ultimate goal is to build soil and draw down carbon into it by encouraging growth of native grasses and by planting perennial crops, by farming organically with minimum tillage, and by encouraging biodiversity.

The Farmers

Ashbrittle Farm compromises of Oliver, Bec and Emma Benson, a couple of hundred laying hens, and a pair of marauding geese. Having grown up in the rolling hills of south-west England, Oliver moved to Australia in 2005 leaving behind a career as a video editor. He soon met and fell in love with Bec, and in 2014 they had a daughter, Emma. By now he was working with Hayden Findlay at Ravens Creek Farm in Victoria and under Hayden's mentorship Oliver's passion for regenerative agriculture grew. By 2017 he decided to go it alone. At the end of that year the Bensons moved to Tassie, and in mid 2018 they became stewards of a small area of Huon Valley land. From here their journey continues.


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